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Author: Ketline Bazile

Be unstoppable! The smallest casted stone could be a stumbling block if you let it. Life could be a tough ride with a lot of hurdles. However, some hurdles or mountains are self-created. HOW? If we pay attention to others' opinions and capitalize on them, our prison becomes a hurdle. And what happens to prisoners? Prisoners are fixed and stagnant. If you have been stuck, scared to attempt something, or scared of doing more, it’s time to break loose. It is an easy process; open your mind and allow each word to sink. Do not care too much! Before we decide on a journey, there is a destination. And no one goes on a journey without being equipped with the appropriate tools. The destination is where we envision, and the tool is the knowledge, virtue, and skills necessary for the vision to become a reality. Being equipped and focusing on your destination is important so that you won’t tarry when stones are cast. I know it is difficult not to worry, but there is a way out of it. When people criticize you, check yourself and ask, “How does this align with my destination? Would this set me back or hasten my journey? Would this matter 5 years from now?” Your sincere answer will tell you to either ignore or acknowledge their “opinions” and make necessary adjustments. Yes! I said make a necessary adjustment because some opinions are genuine and let you know if your action helps or hurts your purpose. But don’t care too much when you think people are getting away with something, don’t care too much when you think people are cheating you; moving ahead of you. We all have a different journey set before us, so focus on your pace and not theirs. I know a young lady who stopped being a worship leader because of what people said about her. She cared more about others' opinions than the Lord's instructions and the purpose God gave her, and then turned around and blamed the people for not doing it and not fulfilling her purpose. She became bitter, angry, and depressed.

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