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About me

I am a multi-industry, multi-disciplinary leader who has helped improve the lives of hundreds as a confident coach and as a life purpose mentor

My biography

Ketline Bazile born in Nassau, Bahamas and at the age of 7 migrated to Miami, FL. with her parents and three siblings. Now married to her husband Trooper Bazile for 22 years with their three beautiful children and currently resides in Miami, FL. As a young girl in church, Ketline fell in love with the gospel and envisioned herself preaching on the pulpit. Now, as an Evangelist Ketline Bazile dedicates her time to build up the church and the community with Kingdom principals to advance the Kingdom of God through workshops on budgeting, planning for the future, and teaching practical principles on how to renew the mind.
As a Certified Confidence Coach and mentor Ketline has helped countless of people find their purpose and walk with confidence of knowing who they are. Not only a evangelist, coach, and mentor Ketline can now call herself author. Writing her first book called “Pass Every Test with Confidence”, which has helped several people pass their exams to go further in their education and life itself. With this passion for helping others be the best that they can be, she started a coaching and mentorship company called Ketline’s Corner LLC.
Ketline has been serving the Lord for over 20 years and has always been in leadership. Ketline newest role is the Director of the English Ministry at (BMBC) Bethany Maranatha Baptist Church for the last 5 years. Not only the English Ministry Director, not only active in the church but also in the community. She currently supports and ministers at Sunrise Mission Center Drug and Rehabilitation Center for the past 12 years, Board Member for Red Hearts of Hope which is a nonprofit organization that helps the youth in the community to promote literacy, and an active broad member of SACRED Life, Inc. which is a non-profit against domestic violence.
A leader, mentor, coach motivator, giver, teacher, preacher, and a woman of God.
Ketline Bazile a woman that wears many hats a true servant of the Most High God.

Relevant awards

Ketline Bazile has been recognized 3 years in a row as a great leader and role model for the community at Bethany Marathana Baptist Church, recognized with the accomplishment of helping, New Generation international with their youth and young adults, recognized as a key note speaker for New Revelation Church women’s group,

Mission statement

Ketline’s mission is to help people achieve their purpose in which they were created for and to walk in it with Confidence.  The God type of confidence to create through coaching  and mentoring individuals through the process of becoming  that very confident person. Until we all live in a world where we are uniquely US! and not in imitation of someone else.

Press features

Ketline empowers you to get confident, gain clarity, set goals